Tamarine® is a pharmaceutical product of plant origin.

In the evening, before bedtime. Defecation occurs 8-12 hours after consuming the product, because of the time needed to move to the large intestine and be metabolized into active ingredient.

The recommended dosage is 1 – 2 teaspoons, in the evening, before bedtime. Begin treatment regimen with 1 teaspoon and increase gradually, depending on the results.

Diabetics should avoid using the product, as it contains sugar. If you are a diabetic and you need to take the product, you should consult your doctor who will decide if you are allowed to do so and if it is necessary to adjust your antidiabetic treatment accordingly.

It can be used by children over 12 years of age.

You can use the product for a period of up to 15 days. For periods longer than 15 days, you can use the product after consulting your doctor. Taking this pharmaceutical product twice or three times a week, at most, is sufficient. Consult your doctor to decide on the exact frequency of use that best suits you.

Tamarine® falls into the category of stimulant laxatives (stimulating intestinal motility) and promotes increased peristalsis (or peristaltic motion) via at least two mechanisms that are activated by the active substances of the contained senna: anthraquinones (Sennosides A+B).

Sennosides A and B and their metabolism products act in the large intestine, promoting local water secretion and stimulating local nerves, making intestinal motility easier and faster.

Senna acts approximately 8-12 hours following ingestion.

Additional ingredients such as coriander and tamarind further enhance the laxative effect of the product, relieving spasms and local pain.

See here for a schematic representation.

If you are taking other medicinal products, please consult your doctor.

Use of the product during pregnancy and lactation is not recommended.

For more than 35 years (since 1981 to be specific)